Anglers Image Tippet Tweaker

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The Anglers Image Tippet Tweaker is a unique tool that is ideal for anglers who choose to carry only the essentials such as when wading a bonefish flat or hiking up a mountain creek in search of brook trout. It can be pinned to a vest or shirt, or it can be worn around your neck via the padded adjustable lanyard which has a safety breakaway feature making it legal for use in every state.

The Tippet Tweaker comes supplied with an Anglers Image Zinger and with or without an Anglers Image Nip-It line snip. The rippled foam fly patch is perfect for both barbed and barbless flies of all sizes.
The Best Feature.

The feature that excites most fishermen is the built-in tippet post which holds up to 3 tippet spools (of any manufacturer). The tippet post has a hard arbor that allows the spools to turn easily. Spools can be easily loaded and unloaded because they are secured onto the post with an easy-to-use hook-and-loop closure system.