RIO Fathom Cleansweep Lake Lines


A COMPLETE SERIES OF "SWEEP" STYLE SINKING LINES designed for easy distance Easy casting, fast loading head for minimum false casts and quick distance Hang Marker shows where to fish “The Hang” Built on a supple core that will not tangle RIO’S CLEANSWEEP LINES are a series of sinking lines built with a clear intermediate front end, seamlessly attached to a faster sinking body section and then to a slower sinking running line.

This blend of sink rates results in a deadly fly path through the water, with the line “sweeping” the depths during a retrieve - from the surface, to deep, and back to the surface again – covering a multitude of depths with each cast. Each line has a short, quick-loading head for minimizing the number of false casts, and a Hang Marker that shows anglers when to stop stripping.