RIO Lake Series Hover/slow intermediate

$75.00 $139.99

Rio Sub-Surface Hover/slow intermediate Fly Line

Rio Sub-Surface WF6S1 Hover Fly Line. Designed for lake fishing with a very slow sink subsurface range. This line is extremely useful in New Zealand lake fishing situations. Often we have wind and the sub surface line will stay in position rather than being blown around off course.

So much lake feeding is in the higher levels of the water where midges, waterboatmen and snails are common.

FLY LINE Rio Subsurface Lake Series
Intermediate Slow Sink Sinks at 1 Inch per Second - 2.5cm
Front Loaded Head for Easy Turnover
Extreme Slickness
Front Loop

APPLICATION: Highly recommended lake line designed to fish just under the surface with nymphs and streamers.