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Winter Fly Fishing - Tongariro River and the Central Plateau

Posted by Andrew Burden on

We are just over 2 weeks into winter now and to be fair it has been a peculiar one weather wise through my home town of Turangi. There has been some of the coldest days I can remember with big frosts followed by days that feel like Spring before reverting back to the brisk, biting, cold air days like we are having now as I write this.

The one thing that continues to allude us through these weather patterns is a solid, multi day rainfall. The Tongariro has sat at around 21 - 22 cumecs of flow for most of the past month, quite a way down on the around 30 cumec average of the last several winters. Personally I like fishing her at any level and I do, but she is well overdue a big flow.

The fishing has slowed a tad in the last couple of days but the winter kicked off with a bang with big, strong rainbows running the gauntlet of flies up stream.

I've played around with a lot of different fly fishing techniques over the last few weeks and have got to spend time on the water with a lot of different people, beginners and pros and it has been a good sharp learning process for me.

Trout Spey and Single Hand Spey has become very popular across New Zealand, there is not a day where i don't see at least 1 or 2 anglers firing their Skagit Heads to the far bank, waiting for the tug on their swinging fly. It's fantastic to see.

We stock a huge range of Trout Spey Gear which you can have a nosey through on our online shop at and feel free to message me at if you have any queries on Spey Gear or Fly Fishing in General.

One of the things I am looking forward to a lot over winter is a new project for the Flytackle NZ family and that is casting club, something myself and Simon Pengelly have been talking about for a bit and we are now going to action, have a watch of the following video to give you an idea of what I am talking about, no cost involved, just somewhere to work on your casting with like minded folh who want to do the same.