Guideline NOVA Cassette Reel Set


Through a continuation of our “Clean all the way” movement - which is our vision to significantly reduce our environmental impact as a business – the past 12 months has resulted in the most detailed and focused design study we’ve ever undertaken. Redefining how fly reels are designed, created and manufactured by blending innovative industrial design with low-impact, recycled raw materials means the NOVA fly reel is the most environmentally conscious reel we’ve ever built!

Empowering our vision to significantly reduce our environmental impact as anglers. Polymer Cassette spools made from recycled PCR [Post Consumer Resins] and an Innovative, “Minimal-Touch” press release design that allows for rapid changeover of cassette spools for the time sensitive competition angler. Every reel delivers with one cassette mounted on the frame + two extra, in total 3 cassettes delivered with each reel. Two colors available of the frame; Black and Stardust. The cassette plastic spool is always black in color. Available in one size - NOVA Cassette Fly Reel #68.

One important aspect of the NOVA fly reel is to understand the correlation between the Cassette #68 and the NOVA #79 – they are manufactured on THE SAME FRAME AND SPOOL SIZING! The only reason the cassette model has a slightly lower line capacity is that the plastic spool has a little smaller inside volume due to thicker walls. But important; the actual #68 and #79 spools and frames are FULLY INTERCHANGABLE! So in short, if you own a #68 Cassette and buy a standard NOVA #79, spools and frame from both reels can be mixed and matched anyway you like.