RIO Premier Tarpon Clear Tip Floater (10ft Clear Floating Tip)


THE ULTIMATE CLEAR TIP FLOATING LINE FOR ANGLERS MAKING STEALTHY PRESENTATIONS TO WARY TARPON RIO’s Tarpon Clear Tip Floater features ten feet of gin-clear floating line, eliminating the need for a long, cumbersome leader, and allows the angler to cast flies closer to the target without spooking the fish.

The subtle seafoam head color behind the clear tip helps the angler and guide track the location of the fly throughout the retrieve. Built with RIO's classic tarpon taper, this fly line combines a mid-length head and a short, powerful front taper, designed to efficiently cast typical Tarpon flies.

This unique design makes quick casts to moving fish easy while also enabling longer shots when you need to reach out to distant fish on the flats. The Tarpon Clear Tip Floater also includes x2 RIO Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes in the box. When fishing for big, migratory tarpon, every shot matters and keeping a line clean and shooting like new is the best way to capitalize on each opportunity.

10 ft of floating Clear Tip for stealthy presentations and use of shorter leaders.

Effortless casting, accurate line design that turns over typical tarpon flies with ease Built on a strong, medium stiff core which will not wilt in the heat

Includes x2 Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes