Soldarini HYDROPSYCHE RCX Fly Rods


Soldarini Fly Tackle from Italy develop their rods in close collaboration with successful competition fishermen from all over Europe. These unique rods are created on the basis of years of experience at international river and lake tournaments - but they also perform for everyday fishing. They are characterized by extremely lightweight designs that offer great stability and have a very good price-performance ratio.


The Hydropsyche RCX Nymph rods offer impressive sensitivity for detecting the most cautious bites. With these rods, a neat and precise presentation of the nymph using modern techniques - such as 'Euro Nymphing' or 'French Nymphing' - is no problem. The high-quality blanks made with the latest carbon fiber technologies are responsible for optimal control of the drift and for immediately detecting soft bites. By using special resins and unpainted, matte blanks, the Hydropsyche RCX saved a significant amount of weight. You notice this immediately when fishing because the liveliness of this rod series surpasses many other models on the market. Other features of the Hydropsyche RCX Nymph rods include a high-quality premium-cork half-wells handle and a down locking reel seat. As a result, the weight of the reel moves further to the end of the rod, ensuring better balance. This saves strength and prevents fatigue of the shoulder during high sticking. To further extend the range of the presentation and the length of the drift, some models have an extra piece that adds to the total length of the rod. This allows the rod to grow in a matter of seconds without having to reassemble the whole rod - a useful feature for situations where it takes a few more inches to reach the fish.


Soldarini, in cooperation with experienced competition anglers, have designed an impressive series of rods with the Hydropsyche RCX! Any ambitious fly fisherman will enjoy casting this rod and can be sure that they get a nice return on their investment.