Soldarini RCX Rig Wallet


The entire RCX series from the Italian manufacturer Soldarini Fly Tackle is known for its great workmanship and a well thought out, practice-oriented design. And of course, this also applies for the RCX Rig Wallet.

It is a compact bag for storing up to 27 leaders or rigs. This allows you to prepare more time-consuming rigs with multiple flies or self-made leaders at home, which saves precious fishing time and it enables a change of tactics within seconds. This can be a huge advantage in many situations; for example when you spot a rising trout while fishing with nymphs. Further, the removable spools can be used separately, and therefore you will still have prepared rigs close at hand when fishing with light tackle. Last but not least, these spools include pins which also allow you to store leaders without hooks.


  • Compact bag for storing up to 27 leaders and rigs
  • Suitable for rigs with multiple flies and leaders of all kinds, whether hopper-dropper-rigs, nymph leaders or tandem-rigs for targeting sea trout!
  • 9 spools with 3 grooves each they can also be used separately!
  • Reliable Velcro closure for quick access