UNI Thread 8/0 200yds


Extremely strong for its fine diameter

Finer (at 72 denier) than the 6/0 thread, the UNI Thread 8/0 200yds is is noted for being extremely strong for its diameter. Because it is a fine thread it is best used with a ceramic bobbin and is ideal for small dries and nymphs i.e. size 12 & smaller. Available in single 200yd spools.

UNI Thread 8/0 200yds

  • Extremely strong
  • Fine thread
  • Best used with ceramic bobbin
  • Lightly waxed
  • Ideal for small dries & nymphs i.e. size 12 & smaller
  • Diameter: 72 denier
  • Comes in single 200yds spools