Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 70


Engineered specifically for fly tying

The Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread is specially designed to enhance tying performance. The nylon material allows for more uniform tension and gives tyou the "feel" for maximum tension. Nylon is the same strength as polyester (given the same denier) and offers the added benefit of more intense colours. Because nylon stretches, it grips material tighter and makes the fly more durable.

The thread is flat with only the minimum number of twists needed for production. This is important because the number of twists in the thread determines how flat it can be wrapped on the hook. The flatter the thread is wrapped, the more slowly it builds up. This is a huge advantage when tying small flies or when tying close to the eye of the hook. A flat thread also grips and covers materials with fewer thread wraps.

Ultra Thread has been lightly waxed. This also limits thread build up and gives the thread a smoother, slicker feel. The added benefit is that head cement fully penetrates the thread which equals more durable flies. The spools are sized and designed to turn smoothly on standard bobbins. Each spool has a color coded end cap for product identification and to secure the tag end of the thread.

Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread Features:

  • Great for thread bodied nymphs and midges
  • Breaking strength of approximately 0.45kg
  • Even the spool was designed for fly tying
  • Lightly waxed